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Getting your business’s standard Terms and Conditions right is crucial. Do you deal with consumers (B2C) or businesses (B2B)? Our solicitors create T&C’s that protect your business while being in plain English.

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There are now many places online where you can download free terms and conditions templates. But using template T&Cs comes with risk, as they aren’t specific to your needs, often adopt American ways and may not give you the protection you need.

Standard Terms and Conditions are a contract between two parties, but the terms are generally set in stone and don’t change. They are used by companies whose supply products or supply services. They can be used in B2B or B2C situations. 

What’s important is that your terms and conditions work exactly how your business works. Do you quote, then create an order, and then deliver? Or do you just deliver on request from a price list? Or perhaps you have a website which takes orders? Either way, you’ll want T&Cs which work for you. 

Your Business Lawyer is a team of expert solicitors who write terms and conditions very regularly to protect you, provide a clear contract between you and your customer, and try where possible to use plain English.

As our client you’ll get

  • Excellent advice, both legal and commercial
  • Fast and responsive – deals over the line as quickly as possible
  • Plain English – limiting jargon and legalese
  • Convenience – we’re digital, so there’s no traipsing into a boardroom office for constant meetings
  • Fixed fees – so you know exactly what you’re paying in advance.


B2B means Business to Business, where terms and conditions can be slightly more onerous than consumers.


If you deal with consumers, they generally have many rights and protections so your T&Cs need to comply with these. 

A good set of terms and conditions will deal with:

  • What goods/services are to be provided
  • The price and payment terms
  • Delivery arrangements
  • What happens if payment isn’t made
  • Limitation of liability (in B2B contracts)
  • Consumer rights (in B2C contracts)
  • Data protection
  • Termination

While many online templates may cover these, are you seriously risking your business and potential claims for the sake of a few hundred pounds in getting an expert lawyer draft your terms and conditions?  

We will always endeavour to provide you with a fixed cost for whatever work you require.

To allow us to do that, we always suggest we hold an initial ‘discovery call’ to understand better your requirements.

On average, a bespoke set of terms and conditions range from £450 plus VAT to £1500 plus VAT, depending on your requirements. 

So get in touch today for a free no obligation call with Your Business Lawyer.

Why use a specialist Terms and Conditions Solicitor?

The question for you is what happens if you need to enforce your terms. If you don’t get paid? If the customer says you did a bad job and wants to make a claim? If you don’t have bespoke T&Cs which work how your business works, it’s likely that when you come to want to stand on them, they just wont protect you as needed. 

Having Your Business Lawyer draft your terms and conditions bespoke to your business gives you the best fighting chance that if it hits the fan, your T&Cs will be there protecting your position. 

Each time, our clients get excellent service delivered on time and on budget. Speak to one of the Your Business Lawyer team today.

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