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Whether you’re selling your business to a management team, or you’re buying the business from the current owners, our expert MBO Solicitors can help you structure the deal properly, protect your position and get the deal done on time and on budget.

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Management Buy Outs or Management Buy Ins can be complex business and legal transactions. Our expert MBO Solicitors will help you, whether your the vendor/seller or the buyer – we’ve got decades of experience to ensure you get the deal done. 

MBOs happen when an ambitious management team want to take over part or all of the business, or where the current shareholders have decided to exit the business for example at retirement or to extract cash out of the business to claim entrepreneurs relief. 

Often in an MBO, a new company will be formed to purchase the shares from the vendor/selling shareholders. It may be that’s the purchase price is financed through debt, and commonly that may be through vendor loans – the buyers pay the purchase price over a period of years post-completion. Sometimes it can be financed through loan notes and debentures.

Whatever the structure, our MBO solicitors have the experience to help. 

As our client you’ll get

  • Excellent advice, both legal and commercial
  • Fast and responsive – deals over the line as quickly as possible
  • Plain English – limiting jargon and legalese
  • Convenience – we’re digital, so there’s no traipsing into a boardroom office for constant meetings
  • Fixed fees – so you know exactly what you’re paying in advance.


Management Buy Out – where incumbent staff/managers buy the whole or part of a business from the current shareholders. 


Management Buy In – where a team external to the target company lead the acquisition.

Our MBO Lawyers get that an MBO is not like a normal business purchase, in that both parties have typically got a great and longstanding relationship (as employer and employees) and therefore the last thing you want your lawyer to do is get in the way of the deal. However, it remains important to protect your position. Some key considerations include: 

  • Warranties – buyers will want certain warranties, sellers will want to limit what they warrant on
  • Indemnities – does the target have any liabilities or potential liabilities that the buyers will want the seller to indemnify against?
  • Restrictive Covenants – the buyers will want to ensure that the sellers are not able to start 
  • Due Diligence – does the buyer have full information about the company
  • Tax issues – we’ll work with the tax advisors to structure the deal most efficiently.

We will always endeavour to provide you with a fixed cost for whatever work you require.

To allow us to do that, we always suggest we hold an initial ‘discovery call’ to understand better your requirements.

Generally speaking, the price of an MBO is likely to be based on the overall complexity and value of the purchase. Fees are likely to range from around £3,500 plus VAT for a very simple basic low level MBO up to £50,000 plus VAT for something of high value and complexity.

So get in touch today for a free no obligation call with one of our MBO/MBI Solicitors.

Why use a specialist MBO Solicitor?

Buying a business is a big thing and so if you’re the buying team in an MBO, you’ll need expert guidance – hand holding probably – to ensure what you’re doing is the right thing. We can help. 

The team at Your Business Lawyer have done hundreds of management buy ins and buy outs, and so we know what we’re doing, we do it excellently well and on time and on budget every time. 

So get in touch today to discuss how Your Business Lawyer can help with your MBO/MBI. 

If you’re buying or selling a business see our separate page. 

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