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Commercial Contracts and Agreements

Having a written contract in place is such a fundamental part of doing business in today’s world. It’s important that your contract protects your business’s position while remaining workable and not obstructing the commercial deal reached. 

Your Business Lawyers are experts in drafting commercial contracts and agreements. From supply of goods and services contracts, joint venture agreements, terms and conditions, agency agreements, franchising agreements, intellectual property licences, NDAs and much more besides.

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Supply of Services Contract

A relatively standard catch-all type contract where one party supplies goods or services to another. 

Non-Disclosure Agreements NDA

A frequently seen agreement, often in the throes of negotiations, in which one (or both) party agrees to keep certain information confidential.

A commercial contract is simply an agreement between two businesses. Our commercial contract lawyers believe that having a written agreement rather than a purely verbal one is much better and more certain. Given the litigious times we live in, it’s important that a contact protects you, works in accordance with the commercially agreed terms, and ensures both parties know what is expected of them (their rights and obligations). 

There’s a significant amount of different potential contracts that two businesses might have between them including:

  • An agreement to buy or sell a business
  • An agreement to supply goods or services
  • A distribution agreement
  • A joint venture agreement
  • An agency agreement 
  • A franchise agreement 
  • A non-disclosure agreement
  • A licence of intellectual property 
  • A framework / master services agreement 
  • Software licencing, Saas and app development contracts 
  • Construction contracts
  • standard terms and conditions 
  • and more besides 

The best advice is to get contracts done early and ideally before work starts! Contract lawyers know that many clients come for advice once there’s a problem, and that will almost always work out much more costly to litigate on that it would be to have a commercial contract written.

While many contracts are bespoke and written for your business's specific requirements, there are some general clauses which make up many commercial contracts.

Parties - sets out who is a party to the agreement, with their full name and details. 
Background - sometimes known as recitals, sets out the basic premise of the contract. 
Definitions - the best agreements often have lots of defined terms, usually in capitals, which are then referred to throughout the contract.
Commencement  - when the contract is due to start or its effective date (often when signing).
Operative provisions  - the main part of any agreement, which sets out the parties rights and obligations, what they are doing,  how it is to be done, when it is to be done. May also include how changes to scope are dealt with.
Payment provisions - This section includes clauses on fees and payment, late payment, price revisions etc
Conditions precedent - steps that are required to be achieved before the rest of the contract takes place.
Limitations and exclusions - whether the liability of either or both parties is to be limited in any way.
Boilerplate clauses - a range of relatively standard form clauses which include matters such as the non-assignment of rights, force majeure, whether English law should apply and the jurisdiction of courts for any dispute, confidentiality provisions, termination, variation, waiver. These are called boilerplate standard clauses, but are still very important.
Schedules - often contain details referred to in the main agreement, which could be information or things like specifications. 
Execution - the part where everyone signs. 


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Why do you need a solicitor for your commercial contracts?

Have you been handed a contract which you don’t fully understand? Or perhaps you’re in discussions with a new customer or supplier and want to ensure there’s a great written contract which sets out everything that has been agreed between you. 

What you need is an expert contract lawyer on your side, reviewing and advising you on the terms of the contract or negotiating it to your advantage. 

Our solicitors have years of experience in writing and advising on commercial contracts. 

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