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Specialist legal and commercial advice on company restructuring whether due to insolvency, strategic reasons, tax advice or planning for a sale. Our expert business restructuring solicitors can help. 

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Solicitors for Business Corporate Restructuring 

There are a number of reasons a business might consider restructuring. These include:

  • Tax advice – your accountant/tax advisor has suggested a better structure than needs putting in place
  • Strategic planning – eg hiving up property to a holding company or ring fencing assets or company in a group structure
  • Sale of part of a business – may lead to restructuring the business
  • Staff restructuring – making redundancies or changing of terms and conditions
  • Insolvency or downturn in business may require restructuring of the business to help the recovery.

Your Business Lawyer is a team of expert solicitors who deal with business and corporate restructuring and reorganisations regularly, each time providing excellent service on time and on budget.

As our client you’ll get

  • Excellent advice, both legal and commercial
  • Fast and responsive – deals over the line as quickly as possible
  • Plain English – limiting jargon and legalese
  • Convenience – we’re digital, so there’s no traipsing into a boardroom office for constant meetings
  • Fixed fees – so you know exactly what you’re paying in advance.


If your business is struggling and you’re considering your options, we can help together with expert insolvency practitioners on hand to help. 

Company Restructuring

Typically restructuring or reorganising of a company’s share holding or structure to benefit the company for the future. 

Obviously, each restructuring project is bespoke and depends on the circumstances of the business in question. Our expert lawyers can help you through the process, working closely together with your accountancy and tax advisors, or insolvency practitioners, to create the best structure as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

We’ll work to ensure that: 

  • We help set up any newco’ s required properly 
  • Articles of Association and Shareholders agreements are reviewed to make sure they don’t affect the proposal
  • Assist your tax advisor in any HMRC Clearance if required 
  • Draft up all the documents required, such as:
    • Share for Share Transfer Agreements / Share Purchase Agreements
    • Statutory Demerger processes
    •  Resolutions for reductions in share capital 
    • Asset / business transfer agreements
  • We consider things like Goodwill, warranties, indemnities etc 
  • Your existing contracts are not affected 
  • Staff issues are properly dealt with to minimise grievances and employment tribunals 
  • plus much more

A business restructuring can be a complicated affair. Our lawyers will make it as smooth and as easy as possible 

We will always endeavour to provide you with a fixed cost for whatever work you require.

To allow us to do that, we always suggest we hold an initial ‘discovery call’ to understand better your requirements.

The variety and complexity of business restructuring means that it would be impossible for us to list prices here. 

So get in touch today for a free no obligation call with Your Business Lawyer. 

Why use a specialist Business Restructuring Solicitor?

It’s complex – your accountant, tax advisor or insolvency specialist is probably suggesting a plan of action that you don’t really fully understand. Don’t worry – our lawyers do this day in day out, having helped hundreds of businesses restructure or reorganise for a multitude of reasons. 

Each time, our clients get excellent service delivered on time and on budget. Speak to one of the Your Business Lawyer team today.

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